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Random Wisdom

\”There is no need for religion, no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophy. Our brains and our hearts are our philosophy. Our philosophy is : compassion and kindness.\” — Dali Lama.


Is a writer a writer without readers? Like the tree in the forest thing – who cares. 

I am very excited to introduce my website and hope you find something you will enjoy. I will be adding new pieces as often as I can. Everything here is freely distributable, so share my work with your colleagues, friends and family. I do not charge for what you read or print; however, if you enjoy reading my work and want to help me pay for this web site and allow me to create more stories, please make a donation. Every thing I write is copyrighted, so please check out my Copyright page, amazing information. Really it is. No joking. I’m amazed by it.

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