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Random Wisdom

“People prefer society to do their thinking for them – It is easier. It takes away the need to make moral judgements.” — Albert Schweitzer

It wasn’t a dream.

(Click on this link to read the full story.)

“It was then that I felt a gentle breeze rush over my face and felt the coolness of the wind on my legs. Looking down I discovered that in my rush, I had failed to put on my pants!”

Now that you know the “punch line”, read the story to find out how and why I went out in public without my pants and try the Tex-Mex Casserole recipe that is worth a little embarrassment.

The Family Table Cookbook gives you wonderful food recipes and the stories behind the food, cooks, and the people who love eating all the wonderful meals we have shared with family and friends.

Read the introduction page to see how the Family Table Cookbook works and then check out the recipes to fill your mind and tempt your stomach!



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