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Random Wisdom

“Embrace your uniqueness. Time is much too short to be living someone else’s life.” — Komi Yamada


Did you know the United States Constitution protects everything I write. I’m not talking about free speech, although that is protected as well, I’m talking about “Copyrights (©).”

Everything I write is a form of intellectual property, even if it is not very intellectual, and Article I, Section 8, of the Constitution gives writers of an original work exclusive rights, including publication, distribution and adaptation.

Why is this important? – Two reasons.

Reason I. – A passionate writer places his heart and soul into what they create. We care about every word and are very protective about our work. We do not want someone taking parts of it and passing it off as their own. We don’t want to see a character we brought to life selling hambergers or used cars. Can you imagine Winnie the Pooh on a jar of honey. Actually, I think I have seen that. Someone sold Winnie the Pooh out and it was not the Author. This brings us to..

Reason II. – Most writers will spend hundreds of hours creating a story, and most do it in their spare time, after working all day, and hopefuly living some kind of social life. Most writers would love to give up the nine to five job and spend it writing, yet are not able to do this, because most writers don’t make much money from writing. This doesn’t stop us from writing because we love it and when you love doing something – you do it. We don’t want to see someone else make money from our hard work while we have to go to soup kitchens for dinner. If money is to be made from our sweat and tears, we should be making it. If our work is going to be sold out or compromised, we should be the ones making those decisions. The writer makes the decision, collects the money and goes to hell. Nice – neat package.

So, “the intent of copyright is to allow authors to have control of and profit from their works, thus encouraging them to create new works and to aid the flow of ideas and learning.” This quote is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. It uses material from Wikipedia.

I’m off my soap box.

What can you do on jdmoss.com? Read and enjoy. Copy what you wish. Tell people about jdmoss.com. Share my works with others, as long as you give it to them for free and they know I wrote it.

If you are a school and want to use something for a class, drop me an email and I will say yes, as long as you do not charge anything for a copy.

DONATE: I’m not a charity, but if you enjoy reading my work and want to help me pay for this website and allow me to create more stories, send your love and cash.

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