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Random Wisdom

“Embrace your uniqueness. Time is much too short to be living someone else’s life.” — Komi Yamada


 Twenty Years of Anger

“My fists were clenched so hard I couldn’t feel them. I wanted to kill – not just Steven but every last one of them. — it took the rest of the class before I could unclench my fists and almost two days before the red spots in my eyes went away. But the anger – the anger remains.”

 40 Love

“He wants everyone to see is abs. Not that I blame him. Is that what got your attention. Don’t be shy. No. Then I bet is was his eyes. All the girls he’s had loved his eyes.”

Fruit Flies for Dinner

(Lights come up on a woman in her early twenties, dressed to party. She has had a few too many drinks. Her lips are puckered and her hands are at her chest..)


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