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Random Wisdom

“Negative words, especially negative labels have enormous power. They are tornadoes of stereotypical destruction. They remain as salt in the wound never allowing prejudice to subside and never allowing hate to fade. Indeed they continue to spread the disease of the mind from one generation to the next.” — J. D. Moss


 Twenty Years of Anger

“My fists were clenched so hard I couldn’t feel them. I wanted to kill – not just Steven but every last one of them. — it took the rest of the class before I could unclench my fists and almost two days before the red spots in my eyes went away. But the anger – the anger remains.”

 40 Love

“He wants everyone to see is abs. Not that I blame him. Is that what got your attention. Don’t be shy. No. Then I bet is was his eyes. All the girls he’s had loved his eyes.”

Fruit Flies for Dinner

(Lights come up on a woman in her early twenties, dressed to party. She has had a few too many drinks. Her lips are puckered and her hands are at her chest..)


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