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Random Wisdom

“The significant problems we face cannot be resolved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.” — Albert Einstein

The Perfect Snack!

BISCUITS AND BACON. (Click on this link to read the full story.)
The Family Table Cookbook is designed to share foods we enjoy and the memories connected with these recipes. For every food there is a touch of love. For every ingredient there is a measure of joy. There is food to feed the body and warmth [...]

It wasn’t a dream.

(Click on this link to read the full story.)
“It was then that I felt a gentle breeze rush over my face and felt the coolness of the wind on my legs. Looking down I discovered that in my rush, I had failed to put on my pants!”
Now that you know the “punch line”, read the [...]

Potato soup that heals!

(Click on this link to read the full story.)
Move over chicken soup – there is a new steaming bowl of wellness waiting to make us all feel better. Jacquelyn shares a loving story about her grandmother’s potato soup. The soup will warm your tummy and the story will warm your heart!
The Family Table Cookbook gives you wonderful [...]