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Random Wisdom

“You are the one and only you that ever was, or ever will be. What you are going to do with this miracle is a question only you can answer.” — Dan Zadra

Fat, Fat, Water Rat

By J.D. Moss



Fat, fat water rat, wallow in the sun.

Four eyes, drug guy, always on the run.

Loose lips, foul mouth, turn the other way.

Fat fag, loose goose, don’t want to play.


Beached whale, mean as hell, time to clean our house.

Super wimp, bucktooth, dumber then a mouse.

Limp wrist, stupid kid, barred from the earth.

Nervous nerd, big boobed, there is no worth.


Nose picker, drag queen, not a perfect world.

Half-crazed, porn praised, nuttier then a squirrel.

Silent simp, plump pimp, morals have we none.

Smart-ass, cheap trash, nothing to be done.


Slow slug, naughtily nymph, how we love to judge.

Brain dead, pinhead, makes us hold a grudge.

Longhaired, clumsy oaf, why can’t we love?

Blubber butt, cheap slut, we’re all the above.



From “906030”

Copyright 1990 by J.D. Moss

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