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Random Wisdom

“Negative words, especially negative labels have enormous power. They are tornadoes of stereotypical destruction. They remain as salt in the wound never allowing prejudice to subside and never allowing hate to fade. Indeed they continue to spread the disease of the mind from one generation to the next.” — J. D. Moss

Keep The Faith

By J.D. Moss


And I say, “Keep the faith.”

Do what’s right, not what’s easy.

Words easier said then to live by.


I must go. It’s time to leave

Though I’ll miss the life I’ve had.

A decision that goes against my dream.


If I felt I was wrong.

You were right, no confusion,

I would stay until the end of time.


Yet, what I feel is real inside.

No denying who I am.

Which means I have no choice but to go.


Now I hope that I’m wrong.

That my choice is best for me.

And not running away from my God.


And I’ll pray I keep some faith.

Keep the good that is in me.

So that someday I may return again.



From “906030”

Copyright 1990 by J.D. Moss

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