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Random Wisdom

“People prefer society to do their thinking for them – It is easier. It takes away the need to make moral judgements.” — Albert Schweitzer

The Force Will Not Deny You

By J.D. Moss



The force will not deny you – will not leave you alone.

Though it tears inside you, the feeling just grows.

And when the day is over, there’s nothing you can do.

Just close your eyes


Until it’s through.


The force is a part of you, though it drags you to hell.

For what you think you want, is not how you feel.

And the line that you’re walking gets thinner everyday

You just walk it Straight,

No debate,

You might make it still.


The force will not deny you, rising with every sun.

Can’t live in either world, don’t know were to run.

And it would be okay, if you know it would end.

But time is left

There is no death

With eternity.



From “906030”

Copyright 1990 by J.D. Moss

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