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Random Wisdom

“Embrace your uniqueness. Time is much too short to be living someone else’s life.” — Komi Yamada

Welcome To Eternity

By J.D. Moss



As I walk closer and closer to the edge,

I feel my blood running faster to my head.

Through the fog no distance can I see.

Yet, past the fog lies eternity.


I feel the pain, the hurt that lies inside.

I see a priest, but in him I can’t confide,

The secret that is buried inside of me.

The secret acid that burns but is not seen.


I try not to think.  I try not to feel.

I try to remember what is and is not real.

The fog lifts so I can see,

the edge of the cliff that leads to eternity.


I see the waves beating on the oceans rocks.

I hear its laughter as my life it mocks.

I see the water – it looks so cool and clear.

Then I realize I have no pain or fear.


Then the wind softly calls my name.

It says “come to me, come to me today.”

I take one more step and my foot is on the ledge.

I see the calming waters beckoning me to its bed.


One last time I look at the world I am to leave,

but the fog is so thick that nothing is all I see.

Then the wind encircles me and pulls me to my grave.

And I find myself falling to the oceans waves.


I feel the coolness of the water burning on my skin.

My brain is back, my heart cries, “I’ve died in my sins.”

I feel a rock punching through the contents of my brain.

I see the water turning red by the blood from my veins.


Then I feel my soul drifting above the horrifying scene.

I see the black wind blowing around the deep red sea.

Then my soul is pulled down a deep dark well,

and on a bloody ship I am forced to sail.


Through a fiery gate where the road is made of coal.

Where a sign is hung which reads; “Welcome one damned soul.”

The I see him with eyes of hate looking at me.

With a grin and open arms he says; “Welcome to eternity.”



From “Bring the Curtain Down”

Copyright 1983 by J.D. Moss

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