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“For me, every defeat is the beginning of success. No matter how much negativeness life throws at me I am determined to find a way to use it as the foundation to victory.” — J. D. Moss

40 Love

40 / Love – Monologue

By J.D. Moss


Mother in her early forties.


(Moving head from left to right as she watches the game and talks to her son’s girlfriend.)



Yes! (Clenching her fist.) Did you see how hard he hit that return? Damn he’s good! He tells me you have been dating a few months now. How did you meet? In a club? That surprises me. He usually only has time for school and tennis. Well, boys his age need to sew their wild oats. Ok, watch how he serves. He’ll bounce the ball three times, just three times, been doing that since high school. That’s when I had him change his grip on the racket. That one change took his serve from good to great. See how high he throws it, another ace! When he’s on he’s on.


You are so pretty; I can see why he likes you. No reason to thank me, I’m just stating fact. Look at that speed. There’s no one else who could have gotten to the net that quick and still make a play at the ball. I hope he stays in school. He only has two more years. Maybe two years is a long time in the world of sports, but even teenagers who go pro take years to develop. At least here he has time to develop and still have a social live. If he were to go pro you would see so little of him.


He rushed that one. He can smell the win. That might be his only flaw. Well, when he gets close to a victory he wants to put the other guy away quickly and he rushes his shots. I’m not worried. He knows he does it. You’ll see. Just watch a bit.


So what’s your major? Not sure yet. Well, that’s ok honey, not everyone’s like my boy. He popped out of me with a tennis ball in his hand. Ok, Ok look at him now. See the bouncing of the ball. One – two – three – four – five – six – seven. Stops. Stands straight. Lets out his breath slowly. Now back in position, and One – two – three –serve. (Smiles with great satisfaction.) That guy didn’t have a chance. See, once he realizes he’s rushing he takes a few seconds to breathe. Then he’s back on the mark. I taught him that. He was having a bad run and that’s when I noticed it. Told him about it and even taught him how to do the breathing.


See how effortlessly he moves and he makes that backhand look simple. Look at his legs. They’re rock solid. He works out all the time. Always has. I’ve had to work out some mighty big knots. I’m always on to him about getting enough water. You have to stay hydrated. You could look that good if you worked out with him. Oh I’m not saying you look bad, you look great, but he could help you tome up.


I still can’t believe you’re not into tennis. How can you be into a guy who spends most of his time playing, thinking, and even dreaming tennis and not like tennis? His opponent is toast. Look into the other guy’s eyes – he has already given up. This match is a done deal. This is where he gets mean. (Smiles) I call it mean. He knows the guy has accepted defeat – probably saw it before I did. In boxing, if a fighter is down you stop fighting, not in tennis. The match still has to be won. You can’t afford not to be aggressive. He takes aggressive to new heights. He’ll use this guy’s defeatism as energy. He’ll pick up his game, move faster, hit harder. He doesn’t want it to end, yet knows this guy can’t make it a good match, can’t make it fun anymore, so he’ll take it out on him. He’ll use it to practice, to sharpen his skill. It will get ugly.

He’s like a living statue. Every muscle flexing perfectly. Each breath taking in life.


His strong points? He spends most of his time at the baseline. Look at how strong and powerful his groundstrokes are. He wins a lot of points that way, but he really uses that as a set up. What he really wants and what he enjoys the most is net play. He loves watching old games between Connors and McEnroe. Personally I’m a Connors fan, but he loves MacEnroe because of his net play. McEnroe had the best hands. He was so quick, so accurate at the net. Just an incredible player. Well, my boy is better.


There’s the shirt thing. I always tell him he is doing that just to give his fans a show. He could wipe the sweat out of his eyes some other way. He wants everyone to see is abs. Not that I blame him. Is that what got your attention. Don’t be shy. No. Then I bet is was his eyes. All the girls he’s had loved his eyes.


It’s almost done. He’ll get the next two points. There’s one. You know if he does go pro I’ll really miss him. I won’t get to see him as much, but I want him to do what ever he wants to do. That’s what a good mother does. Look at him, you think he would be tired, but he seems like he could play forever. I can see he already wants to smile. He won’t, not till that last point is over. Out of respect. My boys big into respect. He’ll always treat you with respect, even after you two become just friends. I didn’t mean to upset you. I’m glad he’s not dating a lot of different girls anymore. I’m glad he has found someone he doesn’t get board with. You’re a first. I just don’t think you two are serious. I know it’s just a sexual thing. Oh, I like you, it’s just right now his life is about the game. He’s not ready to settle.


That’s it. Game, set and match! Another win. Lets go to the locker room














Copyright ©2007 by J.D. Moss –All Rights Reserved

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