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Random Wisdom

“It is better to be hated for what one is, than loved for what one is not.” — Andre Gide

Short Stories – Narrative Nonfiction

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Demons, Saviors, and the Damned

“I took another breath gathering what energy I had left and pushed my body upward to reach the top of the embankment. I succeeded – then fell forward landing like a fallen tree, arms sprawled across broken branches and rocks, my mouth filled with dirt, glasses twisted and scratched, my disgrace finalized at the feet of the boy who was betrayed.”

And The Storm Blinked

“The storm is spreading downward, still restricting itself to the sky yet assimilating the tranquil world quickly. The air is dry and the wind warm. I am transfixed on the creation forming. This is a show no one can see as I see it. In a world inhabited by few, you have great opportunities to be the sole observer. I stand in awe of the uncontrollable, understanding that change cannot be avoided, only faced. As another series of lightning dominates the sky and the angry thunder pushes past my ears, I allow myself to drift back to another storm – a storm only I saw coming.”

“Please Mommy?”

“At times she must look into a mirror and see a beautiful young woman passing through life in a way she had not planned. A woman yearning to be free, to do young things again. To hang out with friends, to go on dates, to dance.”

“Please, one more time.”

Invincible Courage

“I’m checking out of here soon.” She moves her hand off of mine and slowly lifts a cup of water to her lips; weakly sipping on the white plastic straw inserted within. “I’m done fighting.” She places the cup back on the table. “I just wanted one more Easter with my kids. I’m too tired. I don’t want to fight it anymore.”

The Dangerous Misleading Smile

“This time, I turn over, my face looking at the ground, on all fours like an imprisoned hostage, freedom stripped, dignity raped — a person no longer human.”

The Loss of Solitude

“Maybe the two worlds did crash that night. Maybe they just passed each other with distrust. It did not matter to me – I was not noticed. I was simply there, a body that was seen, yet not understood.”

It’s Time

“As bad as the bullying was, and it was constant and cruel, it was not what pushed me toward my first thoughts of death. For me there was one event that started me down that dangerous and dark path.”

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